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Man Walks 40 km Through Forest With Pregnant Wife On Shoulder To Get Her To Hospital

Saturday, 17 January 2015

When your sex life is boring

“MY wife and I are bored with our sex life. We love each other, but cannot seem to find the time or urge for sex again,” a friend who’s been married 17 years confided in me recently. After three children, the youngest clocking 10 in February, the couple’s love life has been in a rut for years and they want to get out. The last sexual encounter either could remember was an early morning quickie that created more frustration than pleasure. Indeed the excitement and spark present at the beginning has waned significantly.
Sat-MoodIt wasn’t surprising news, but how could I help? Although in a long-term relationship, they are into a routine that takes up time for everything in their lives, except them. With too much to do, they are too tired for love when the need arises.
They are workaholics, leaving home at the crack of dawn and not getting back before 10pm each day. All their children are in boarding school, so no school runs except during visitation and holidays. Even then, this couple’s social life is non-existent – no parties, no night-clubbing, the odd Church service, or family meeting, etc.; even Saturday and Sunday are spent attending official seminars and post educational classes. The lesson is that even if you are together as a couple, you still need to create time to be together.
Don’t suffer in silence
My friend who confided in me obeyed this rule. It’s may not be that he and his spouse are not feeling in the mood; could be that their body isn’t cooperating because sex is dull or painful. This can be a big issue for women approaching menopause, who might be too embarrassed to tell their partner.
According to a sex expert, with age, oestrogen levels decrease, and this affects a lot of organs, including the vagina. When tissues atrophy and thin out, losing some of their blood supply, intercourse becomes more painful.
Fortunately, there are remedies for painful sex or check with your doctor if the pain continues.
Dwindling libido?
A dwindling libido may be more than just a sign of aging. It may be a sign of another health problem. For example, depressionanxiety, and hormonal imbalances can all contribute to sexual dysfunction. In men, not being able to get an erection can be an early warning sign of diabetes or heart disease. And some medications, including antidepressants and blood pressure drugs, can lower your sex drive. Behavioural issues can also interfere with ability to have sex. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can put a damper on sexual response. Even the way you exercise can be a factor. For instance, too much time on the bike can lead to problems in bed. There are remedies for these problems. Getting enough sleep can help.
Romantic break
All couples are tired at the end of a long day, and routine gets boring after a while. Have you ever tried a different place, a different time, or a different position? Try sex in the shower or in a different room in the house for instance. It works if you can be open-minded enough. Prioritise what’s important, a sex educator advises. Tired as you might be, it’s OK to just make it a quickie sometimes. Sex is so important to the overall health of your relationship. Instead of waiting until it’s time to put out the lights, take a break for a romantic encounter or first thing before you beging the day’s chores.
Rediscover each other
If you haven’t had sex for some time, a come-on from your partner can feel very artificial and forced. It helps to reconnect in a non-sexual way first, says psychotherapist Christina Steinorth. “If you haven’t had any kind of quality time together, you’re not going to feel sexual,” she says.
Steinorth says it’s important to mix it up: Forgo the old “dinner and a movie” cliché in favour of something new, and make it a priority on your calendar. Schedule time each week for a “date” with your spouse. A shared experience – cooking, washing – something silly. Plan a surprise trip or go out for sightseeing on a Sunday morning. Let it become a habit. The desire will just grow from there.
A quick sexual encounter may regain its excitement once you’ve reconnected. When the relationship’s alive like that, the 10-minute ‘let’s sneak off and do it’ quickie works great. It’s like your little secret and helps further build the bond between you. But that bond has to be there in the first place.
Focus on what you like
Many of us have things we’d like to change about our bodies, the sex expert notes. “Maybe you never lost the baby weight, or you’re not happy with how you’ve stopped going to the gym. Ultimately, low self-image comes down to not being in love with you. And if you don’t love yourself, you’re not going to share yourself with someone else. Short of therapy for poor self-esteem, you can try finding things about yourself that you do like and focus on those sexually. Alternatively, focus on your partner’s body instead of your own. What do you love about the person you’re with? What about his or her body arouses you? That way you can shift the focus from your own insecurities to what makes being together fun. No matter what the reason for diminished desire, getting back on track with your partner sexually is going to take some effort. “Sex takes work, and you have to focus on it just like everything in your relationship,” the sex expert notes. “There isn’t a magic pill.”
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Indians handing death and slavery to Nigerians

The Indians instructed two Nigerians whom they employed for “cleaning up” such messes for them to use the same forklift to take the dying Tosin out of the company unto the road leading to a hospital
economyThe forklift lifted tons of iron inside the Indian company – African Wires and Allied Industries Nigeria Limited, Plot No. 4-6, Opic Industrial Estate, Agbara, Ogun State. But two heavy discs of iron hooked, so Tosin Olajide, one of the hundreds of casual workers at the company, went up to free the two irons weighing over 1.5 tons each. Suddenly, one of the irons came down on him, trapping him to the ground. No safety helmet was provided for Tosin by the Indians. It took the same forklift to lift the tonnage of iron before the boy could be pulled out.
But the damage had already been done. The iron had chopped off part of his face and broke his foot! His work mates present at the scene of the accident said blood was pumping out of his nostrils as water would rush out of a tap. “Such accidents occur regularly there,” said former safety officer of the company, Mr. Jonathan Abimbola.
Tosin’s life could have been saved if the company had been prompt in providing transport and rushing Tosin to the hospital, eyewitnesses insisted. Unable to find a vehicle in a company whose turnover runs into millions of naira, the Indians instructed two Nigerians who they employed for “cleaning up” such messes for them to use the same forklift to take the dying Tosin out of the company unto the road leading to a hospital. After some kilometers, they saw a pick-up van and transferred Tosin into it. They drove him to one ill-equipped hospital used by the company. But there was no doctor there to attend to the boy. The nurse advised them to take Tosin to the Badagry General Hospital. On their way to Badagry, the pick-up van carrying Tosin broke down. Tosin gave up the ghost before they could reach the general hospital.
Police connivance
With the assistance of the DPO of Agbara police station, said to be at beck and call of the Indians who own the company, Tosin’s body was deposited at the Badagry general hospital mortuary.
Angered by the negligence with which Tosin was handled by management, his colleagues, on the following morning, Thursday 11 December, 2014, gathered at the entrance of the company, refusing to go in. The Indians swiftly reacted by calling in policemen and MOPOLS from Agbara. The DPO of Agbara police station came personally. Together, the policemen fired tear-gas canisters at the workers, beating them and seizing the mobile phones of those who tried to take pictures of the brutality.
Tosin, Saturday Vanguard learnt, could hardly be up to 23 years old, though Mr. Samuel Ogundimu, the personnel manager and one of the most disgusting Nigerian lapdogs of the Indians, according to sources, told our reporter that Tosin was 28.
Tosin had laboured for years for African Wires and Allied Industries under Parco Group of companies for a paltry N850 a day as casual worker, working from 7am to 7pm. Parco Group of
Companies is owned by the Guptas, one of the richest Indians who have lived and done business in Nigeria for more than 50 years, exploiting the endemic circumstances.
Last year, the company employed Mr. Jonathan Abimbola, a chemical engineering graduate from a UK university, as a Safety Officer, “not that the company cared about safety,” said a company source, “but because they wanted to use him as a shield from the harassment of the officials of the
Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity and Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industry.”
Massive exploitation, deadly work conditions
The company thought it could use Mr. Jonathan in the usual way it uses other Nigerians, but that was not to be. Mr. Jonathan was shocked at the way the company uses and exploits Nigerians. For instance, people worked more than the number of hours stipulated by labour laws without any payment for overtime. Moreover, there are no safety measures whatsoever in the company. The Indians expose Nigerians who work for them to all manner of dangers, and whenever accidents occur, the victim or the victim’s family only get a ridiculous amount as compensation.
Death of Tosin’s elder brother
Last year, the chief driver of the company, Tosin Olajide’s elder brother, who drives Mr. Narayan (MD), slumped and died after closing work. Those who should know said “nothing reasonable” was done for the chief driver.
The same year, Onyebuchi, another casual worker, got drowned in a deep reservoir filled with alum water while trying to clean himself up after work. It was not until 12.30 after midnight that Onyebuchi’s body was pulled out of the large body of alum water.
At first, the company was said to have offered Onyebuchi’s family N150,000 as compensation. However, the fiery safety officer, Mr. Abimbola, demanded N5 million for the family. At last, one of the Nigerian lawyers working for the Indians arm-twisted onyebuchi’s family and convinced them to collect N600,000.
Fear of govt agencies
Besides exposing Nigerians who labour for them to danger and making money with their blood and sweat, many don’t understand the attitude of the Indians inside the OPIC Estate any time some kind of inspection team comes around. They can’t explain the pandemonium that occasionally ensues among the Indians whenever officials of the Nigeria Immigration Services, Standard Organisation of Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity, or other government agencies, arrive at the company’s gate without prior notice to the Indians.
What could be happening inside the OPIC Estate? Have the Indians fully declared to regulatory agencies and the Nigerian government, all the business activities engaged by the four companies rolled into one – the acid plant, the silicate plant, the fertilizer section, and the wire section? Although this may not be said of OPIC there are companies owned by Indians which enjoy duty waivers for the importation of certain goods like irons for the purpose of building factories. But when they import the goods they turn back and sell those goods to Nigerians, forcing the country to continue to be a consumer economy dependent on imported goods, while their home country, India, is known for its booming technology, health export and manufacturing.

But one may blame this on Nigeria’s leaders and government and not those who exploit the circumstances created by Nigeria’s failure.
The Indians make the government believe that their businesses in Nigeria are providing employment to Nigerians. This may appear to be true on face value, but in reality, their exploitative tendencies are a sad commentary. For instance, out of hundreds of Nigerians who work for companies owned by Indians in Nigeria, only a handful of them, probably less than 10, are staffed. Many of them are paid as little as N600 per day, working from 7 am to 7 pm.
The Indian exploitation and enslavement of Nigerians is not limited to their factories.
They select Nigerian young girls meeting their fancies and employ them at home, where they work as cleaners and as sex slaves for Indian men whose wives do not live with them in Nigeria. Sexual harassment of the young Nigerian ladies, even the married ones who work for them, is already viral on the Internet. Nigerian authorities including the police, immigration and Standard Organisation also compromise on matters of compliance to rules as the police demonstrated when Tosin died.
As we write this story, Tosin who died a few days ago has already been buried and forgotten.
“They have completely bought over the Agbara police station,” a company staff told us, adding “you need to see where a policeman is saluting an illiterate Indian. They have also bought over the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity. Their contact man at Abeokuta (name withheld) who is on their payroll to make sure that unionism does not take root in the company.”
Tax evasion
Many companies owned by Indians and Lebanese or where they head prefer to bribe tax officials and get tax clearance than to pay their taxes.
Environmental contamination and pollution
There is the issue of environmental pollution and contamination of sources of drinking water supply. Since environmental laws and regulations in Nigeria are porous, hardly enforced, foreigners have field days flouting environmental provisions. Some companies channel toxic waste from the acid and silicate plants directly into gutters. Since the largest sources of drinking water for people nowadays are boreholes, one can almost be certain that the water from those boreholes have been
contaminated by waste water and from factories.
Apart from poor working conditions and pay, it is not surprising that some of the Indian companies are highly insensitive to the environment. In June 2012, an Indian Company, Top Steel Nig. Ltd, in a seeming display of insensitivity to the environment, reportedly erected a transmission pillar and ran a high tension power transmission line directly over the roof of an industrial complex owned by Isocare West Africa Ltd., in which over 100 Nigerians work daily. Both companies are located at the Ikorodu Industrial Estate, Odogunyan, Lagos.
On June 5, 2012, the counsel to Isocare West Africa had met with the General Manager of Top-Steel Nigeria Ltd, Mr. Rajendra Bharadia and explained to him the dangerous implications of mounting a high tension wire directly over the roof of the industrial complex of Isocare West African Limited and advised him to have a rethink.
Mr. Bharadia however, rebuffed the entreaties and went ahead with the project.
Following Isocare’s complaint and petition, the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) inspected the project and issued an abatement notice to Top Steel and its General Manager Mr. Rajendra Bharadia to discontinue the project. The order was also ignored by the company.
The Ikorodu Local Government Environmental Task Force also issued a stop work order that and was also ignored.
At the time, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, in a statement by the Principal Manager (Public Affairs) Mr. Jude Oyenuga, said it portended grave hazards to have buildings or activities under or even within close proximity of a high tension wire.
His words: “The public should bear in mind that these electrical materials are persistently exposed to mother nature which makes them vulnerable to wear and tear. This could lead to the snapping of the line and such accident could happen without notice with dire consequences”.
Mr. Bharadia, after several complaints and directives to him to stop work, was said to have got top officials at the Army Barrack in Ikorodu, Nigerian soldiers and mobile Policemen and stationed them at the construction site, while he personally supervised the erection of the high tension wire. Staff of Isocare West Africa who attempted to take pictures of the erection of the high tension wire over Isocare were reportedly brutalized by mobile policemen.
Culpability of govt agencies, others
Certainly, it would almost be impossible for these companies to succeed without the help of some Nigerians themselves. Beside the officials of the regulatory and law enforcement agencies they keep some faithful Nigerians as members of staff – men who serve as fronts and intermediaries between them and those they compromise.
Reliable sources gave Saturday Vanguard the names of some of those obedient lapdogs in OPIC Estate.
The Personnel Manager, of African Wires and Allied Industries, Mr. Ogundimu, a retiree from a textile company denied that Nigerian workers were being treated poorly. In a telephone interview with Saturday Vanguard, Mr. Ogundimu said Nigerian workers were better treated than what we were told.
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Flavour molests women in his hit tracks – Lady One

A FAST rising music artiste, Miss Chinenye Ugwu a.k.a ‘Lady One’ in her just released single album, has questioned a popular musician, Flavour, over his continual molestation of women in most of his hit albums and videos.
The single album titled “Flavour Why” which was produced and managed by ETL Records Entertainments, asked the popular highlife/afrobeat star to desist from using embarrassing, abusive and obscene words to describe women in his songs.
Lady One, in a chat with Potpourri said that she has arrived the music industry in defence of the womenfolks who have been at the receiving end of some indecent musicians that see them as nothing but trash bins to market their products.
She, however, vowed that she would hang her pants on Flavour’s head and set her bra on his eyeglasses. Lady One in her single ‘Flavour Why’, questioned whether women should go naked for Flavour as most of his hit albums were direct embarrassment to women. “Ara-dara-ada”, “Ukwu Nwanyi Owerri” “Ashawo” and Panti no n’ iro, “Okwa na abania ka ihe nile ga eme “ were direct attacks on womenfolks,” she said
The Nsukka, Enugu State-born artiste and a graduate of Economics at Imo State University who has performed at Enugu ‘Roadblock show and Bayelsa ‘Val Rav’ said Flavour’s absolute disregard for women was what compelled her to tag her single “Flavour Why.
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Monday, 12 January 2015

Alabama Husband Woke Up Post-Circumcision With No Penis: Lawsuit

Alabama Husband Woke Up Post-Circumcision With No Penis: Lawsuit

An Alabama man who went in to a hospital for a circumcision awoke after surgery to find his penis had been amputated, his lawyer said on Thursday. Johnny Lee Banks Jr., 56, said in a lawsuit filed in state court earlier this week that no one at the Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama, had told him why it had been necessary to remove his penis.
"My client is devastated," said Banks' attorney John Graves. Banks, who is married and does not work due to a disability, did not recall the precise date of the incident but believed it occurred in June, his attorney said. A spokeswoman for the hospital's parent company said in a statement that Banks' allegations were without merit. "We intend to defend all counts aggressively," said Kate DeWitt Darden, spokeswoman for Baptist Health System. The lawsuit does not specify a monetary value of the damages. The hospital, the Simon-Williamson Clinic, Urology Centers of Alabama and two doctors are named as defendants in the lawsuit, according to Graves. Representatives for the Simon-Williamson Clinic and the Urology Centers of Alabama did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Nigeria President's Campaign Bus Attacked

Nigeria President's Campaign Bus Attacked

Two buses belonging to Goodluck Jonathan's campaign were torched by angry youths in Jos, Plateau State.
Photo: PDP
Attack on Campaign Buses.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Photos: 13 year old girl arrested in Kano wearing explosive vest

Photos: 13 year old girl arrested in Kano wearing explosive vest

The Kano state Police command today Dec. 24th arrested a 13 year old girl identified as Zahra'u Babban Gida who was found with explosives strapped on her body opposite the Kantin-Kwari textile market, same place where two female suicide bombers detonated bombs two weeks ago killing many.

The Kano State Commissioner of Police Alhaji Tashid Aderile Shinaba said she was arrested by police officers who found her moves suspicious. When interrogated, the young girl said her father was the one who took her to the people who strapped her with the bombs.

According to her, the unknown men told her she had to carry out the suicide attack in order to make heaven. She said the men told her they would kill her if she doesn't follow through with the bomb attack. The Kano state government however said that the young girl was not one of the missing Chibok girls.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday afternoon sexiness from Maheeda. 18+

Sunday afternoon sexiness from Maheeda. 18+

Biko, if you're in church, do not open. Don't say I made you sin I screen grabbed from a video she posted on instagram this afternoon. See the photos after the cut. 18+ ...

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ebola: Sierra Leone begins house-to-house searches

Ebola: Sierra Leone begins house-to-house searches

A disease surveillance officer working for Operation Western Area Surge visits a family in Moyinba, Sierra Leone The authorities want to ensure that anyone who may be displaying symptoms of Ebola comes forward for treatment
Sierra Leone has begun house-to-house searches in the capital Freetown to find hidden cases of Ebola.
President Ernest Bai Koroma said that Sunday trading would be banned and travel between districts restricted.
The president said that as Christmas approached, people would need to be reminded that Sierra Leona was at war with a "vicious enemy".
Sierra Leone has overtaken Liberia to have the highest number of Ebola cases, World Health Organization figures show.
The virus has killed more than 6,800 people this year, mostly in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.
A nurse wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) checks on a patient at the Kenama ebola treatment center run by the Red Cross Society on November 15, 2014 Sierra Leone has had more Ebola cases than any other country
In his statement, President Koroma said the searches aimed to "break the chain of transmission".
He added: "Do not hide the sick."
The president said that while many districts of the country had made progress in fighting Ebola, challenges still remained in the western part of the country, which for the past two weeks had accounted for 50% of new infections.
He said that he was introducing an action plan, Operation Western Area Surge, to encourage people to come forward if they had a fever or other symptoms of Ebola.
He said it was necessary to introduce such stringent measures even though it was the festive season - a time when people would normally "celebrate with their families in a joyous manner".
The president also said that:
  • Travel restrictions between districts would be enforced over the Christmas period
  • Christians would be allowed to attend church services, but would be requested to return home immediately afterwards
  • All New Year's Day festivities including church services and outings would be prohibited or severely restricted
  • In addition to the blanket Sunday trading ban, the new measures would include time restrictions on Saturday and weekday shopping.
The prevalence of the virus in the capital Freetown is thought to be one of the reasons why Ebola is spreading so fast in the west.
Our correspondent in Sierra Leone, Umaru Fofana, said the measures were partly aimed at controlling crowds.
He said people in Freetown continued to gather on the streets or go jogging along the beach despite the Ebola threat.
This is not the first time that Sierra Leone has used stringent tactics to locate Ebola sufferers, but none have stopped the rise in infections.
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head Tom Frieden told the AP news agency that "the fight is going to be long and hard to get to zero cases", and is heavily contingent on sick individuals coming forward to be diagnosed.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Man Killed Over N200 In Lagos

A landlady, Mrs. Idowu Adenekan has been accused of hiring hoodlums who stabbed one of her tenants, Michael Abodurin to death over N200 in Oworonsoki area of Lagos.
According to report, trouble started after a friend of Michael, 27, could not pay back the N200 he borrowed from the landlady last year.
The landlady was said to have hired thugs to deal with the Michael and his friend. The thugs smashed a bottle on the head of the deceased and as he was going to report the matter at the police station, one of the thugs went after him and stabbed him with a pair of scissors in the chest.
His corpse has been deposited at the mortuary while the landlady and another suspect have been arrested and transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigations.
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Members of the dreaded terrorists group, book Haram has reportedly killed 11 people in fresh attack on a remote village in Borno State.

Members of the dreaded terrorists group, book Haram has reportedly
killed 11 people in fresh attack on a remote village in Borno State.


Hordes of Boko Haram members as shown in the video released on November 9, 2014. Snapshot from a video: AFP
Vanguard reports that a source, who gave his name as Zarami Kolo, on Thursday disclosed that the terrorists during the attack on Gajiganna burnt houses and forced residents to flee.
READ ALSO: Boko Haram Raids Chibok Again
According to a Zarami Kolo, a senior local government official, “We have lost 11 of our innocent people. The terrorists also injured (several) people and set on fire every single house in the village.”
It was gathered that the raid commenced around sundown on Wednesday but details from the remote region, did not immediately emerge following the poor mobile phone network.
“The militants started shooting indiscriminately, forcing our people to scamper for safety. The town is no more and our people are in distress,” Kolo said.

A fleeing resident, who gave his name as Ibrahim Habibu, revealed that his brother was among the 11 people killed.“I lost my brother and as I am talking to you, I don’t even know the whereabouts of my wife and two children. I made it to (the Borno state capital) Maiduguri after trekking through the bush overnight. Many of our people are still wandering in the bush,” Habibu said.
Meanwhile, Gajiganna has a large market that attracts traders from across Borno state and neighbouring Chad and Cameroon.
Boko Haram which reportedly attacked a church in the town in 2012 has killed no fewer than 13,000 people and forced more than 1.5 million people to flee their homes in its five-year uprising against the Nigerian government.
READ ALSO: Military Shut Adamawa, Hunt Boko Haram Insurgents
The terrorists group is alleged to be controlling about two dozen towns and cities in the northeastern part of the country, especially in Borno State.
Meanwhile, the Boko Haram terrorist group earlier in the day launched a twin bomb explosion in Jos, with some people reportedly feared dead. 
However, the deputy governor of Borno state, Alhaji Zannah Umar Mustapha, has called on all northerners in Nigeria not to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in next year’s general elections in a reaction to the increasing insecurity.
Also, this attack is against the backdrop of the Nigerian military who were said to be hunting some Boko Haram militants between Hong and Michika in Adamawa State, in an effort to flush out the terrorists.
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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I am that woman

I am that woman

What is it like for a woman who uses public transportation for her daily commute in the Indian capital Delhi? 

I am that woman who works late at the office and goes through the scary process of standing on a pavement in New Delhi hailing a three-wheeler "auto-rickshaw" or a battered taxi in a futile attempt to get home.
I am that woman who receives calls from friends while travelling in taxis late at night: They call and ask to stay on the line "just in case".
I am that woman whose husband sends her mobile phone messages asking for location updates. And yes, I am also that woman whose mother, who lives in distant Australia, sends text messages to ask if I am home yet.
I, along with millions of women who call this city home, am that woman.
Now let me tell you about what it is like for a woman in Delhi once she does manage to flag down an auto-rickshaw or a taxi.
The experience is often uncomfortable and, all too often, frightening, despite Delhi being one of the most densely populated cities in the world,
On any evening, when millions of us working women are making the trip home or heading out to meet friends, or just generally try to get from point A to point B, the final destination could not come fast enough.
A combination of a few of the following things is often enough to make me have second thoughts about my chosen mode of transport: The taxi driver is looking at me in a lewd manner in his rear-view mirror; it's either too hot or too cold to roll down the taxi's heavily tinted windows; the streets through which the taxi is travelling are poorly illuminated; or there does not seem to be any people within hearing distance if I had to scream for help.
Never-ending challenge
I, like so many women, and men for that matter, am worried, frustrated and tired of the situation. We would like solutions to what seems to be a never-ending challenge for modern, progressive India.
Sure, it is disappointing that one transport service, Uber, that appeared to provide a safer, more efficient option has, for now, been banned from operating in Delhi. But the alleged rape that led to this ban is even more of a reason for our interminable frustration.
We are troubled, angry and disappointed that India, nearly two years after the brutal gang-rape of a medical student on a bus in New Delhi, is still struggling to deal with what is a chronic problem.
Stricter laws have been put in place and public-awareness initiatives launched, yet with every new case that emerges - on average at least one a day hits the headlines - the hope that things are changing diminishes just that little more.
India is still grappling with the ugly reality that brought it to a standstill in 2012 and drew the world's attention to the indecent, demeaning and at times violent treatment of thousands of women across the country.
Scarier still, for every one case that we hear about or I as a reporter follow, undoubtedly many more cases go unreported and unnoticed.
The unreported and unnoticed cases involve women just like me.
We are all angry. We are all tired. And we all want our safety to be guaranteed.
At home, at work and in public places.

Tragedy strikes Ethiopian migrant boat

Tragedy strikes Ethiopian migrant boat

At least 70 people drown after boat capsizes amid high winds and rough seas off Yemen, officials say.

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Tens of thousands of migrants from Africa attempt the perilous journey to the Middle East and Europe [EPA]
At least 70 Ethiopians have drowned after a boat used by smugglers to transport migrants to Yemen sank in the Red Sea in rough weather, according to security authorities in the western part of Yemen.
The authorities in Taiz province told the Associated Press news agency on Sunday that the small boat sank after encountering high winds and rough seas off al-Makha port.
Human traffickers often use unseaworthy boats to smuggle African migrants to Yemen, seen as a gateway to wealthier parts of the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia and Oman, and Europe.
They said the boat was carrying 70 people, all of them Ethiopians.
Tens of thousands of migrants from Africa, the Middle East and beyond crowd into often unsafe boats each year and many drown.
In March, at least 42 African migrants drowned in the Arabian Sea off the southern coast of Yemen.

Monday, 8 December 2014

New Video: Naz B - Attention

New Video: Naz B - Attention 


The latest music video 'Attention' set to be released under Bow Bowah records, is a high energy tune with a glamorous video. Hot girls, flashy cars and a party fuelled look, the video catches your 'Attention' instantly. Watch...

Among the bright lights and fun, Swiss celebrity model, Vanessa Derbachelor (Frauen Tauschen ) and Indie Arts (Ingrid Villafane) share the spotlight.

The video represents a scenario that many will feel familiar with. This is, a man and a women wanting to gain the attention of each other. The chorus is catchy and definitely sticks in your mind.
The song combines a dance sound with a hip hop feel, with lyrics being wrapped by NazB. Style wise, the sound could be comparable to the likes of Flo Rida. 'Attention' also contains a female vocalist. The song would fit perfectly in a club or bar to set a party off.
The song was written and produced by Michael Ozigbo, Andy Prinz and Alexander Yakovlev.  the album include two remix version by a swiss producer Dave Manuel and UK Award wining producer Rymezs who has worked with Tinie Tempah, James Arthur and wiley. Video Directed and Edited by Matteo vDiva Fabbiani.

With such big names involved, its no wonder the production and sound of the song seems spot on.
The song is set for release on the 28th November under Bow Bowah records in Switzerland. The album will be in stores at a slightly later date on the 5th December.

'I don't drink, I don't smoke, & I've stopped womanizing" Atiku says in new interview

'I don't drink, I don't smoke, & I've stopped womanizing" Atiku says in new interview

The former vice president's candid interview is coming soon. We dey wait...

Photos: Blue Ivy is getting so tall and beginning to look like Beyonce

Photos: Blue Ivy is getting so tall and beginning to look like Beyonce

Every knows she looks like her dad...but check the right pic...she's beginning to look like Beyonce as she grows older. Plus she's so tall now. Blue Ivy pictured arriving at the Annie movie premiere yesterday in NYC with her parents. Jay Z is one of the producers of the movie. See more photos after the cut...

Photo: Nigerian student stabs his brother to death in Ghana

Photo: Nigerian student stabs his brother to death in Ghana

23 year old Nigerian student Mustapha Musa Osmanu, studying Information Communication Technology (ICT) at Sikkims Manipal University, Accra, has been arrested by the Ghanian police for stabbing two of his brothers at their home in Accra Newtown on Friday November 28th. One of them died instantly.

Confessing to the crime, Musa said he was under the influence of drugs when he stabbed his brothers. He said a night before the attack, he'd taken 20 doses of Diazpam 5gm tablets, to enable him study.

"I admit committing the act. I regret my action and I even wanted to commit suicide after the act but Jamiru took the knife from me. I was out of control after taking the drug. I regret having taken the drugs which enables me study for more than five hours a day…” he said 
On the day of the attack, Osmanu had sneaked into their kitchen around 3.30pm, picked a knife and first stabbed Jamiru Osman, 23, in the chest before stabbing Nazifi Osman Mohammed, 27, in the chest and the stomach, leading to his death.

Nazifi, the oldest among the three brothers was pronounced dead on arrival at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. The other brother is now in a stable condition at the same hospital.

Speaking on the incident, the Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohuno said on November 29th, the day after the attack, Musa went to the police station to report, claiming that he and his brothers had been attacked by armed robbers. His claim was later refuted by Jamiru who survived the attack.

He revealed that it was Musa who attacked them while they were sleeping that fateful day. "Jamiru narrated that after seeing the intestines of Nazifi gushing out and blood flowing from his stomach, he immediately had to pretend he did not see the one who stabbed them after he was asked by suspect whether he saw something. The victim said if he had said yes, Musa Osmanu would have killed him instantly which was why he said he did not know the one who stabbed them,” DCOP Yohuno said.

Police believe that Musa Osmanu committed the act when he learned that the victims had been given about $4,000 from their elder brother to pay their school fees, a claim Osmanu has denied. "I did not commit the offense because of the money ”

He said Musa is expected to be charged to court soon for murder.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Dear PKG readers: I want to leave my girlfriend because she had sex with me

Dear PKG readers: I want to leave my girlfriend because she had sex with me

From a male PKG reader. I never hear this kind one before Abeg read below...
My girlfriend and I have dated for two years now and for the period we have been together, she has NEVER said no to my sexual advances, as in never. She gives me her body at will and never hesitates. Last Sunday in Church my Pastor while preaching said that a woman who really loves you and would be faithful in marriage would not give you her body at all while you are dating and if at all she gives it to you, it would be after a "battle". Now am having a rethink because even me sef am wondering "why would she not ever say no to giving me her body? Does she respect her body at all or is it blind love? Would she be ever faithful? Is my Pastor right?
Lol. Nothing wey person no go hear. Oya, over to you guys...

Monday, 30 June 2014

Airtel pc unlimited free browsing with PDPROXY

Airtel pc unlimited free browsing with PDPROXY

hello everyone, for so long it seems have left you all or forgot about my blog, but the truth is have been very busy with some stuff, but i promise once a while like this i will sure come online to update you on the recent development.

now to the main topic, you read well, its airtel unlimited free browsing, thou its not totally free as you need to upgrade the vpn required to surf unlimited.

Go to, register and download pdproxy zip files

unzip and install... in the process of installing, you will be prompted to install TAP drivers. Click allow.

After installation, choose server (i.e Texas), Select UDP as protocol.

Then go to settings>>advance settings>>Proto options>> insert 53 as UDP port.

Under PARENT PROXY, tick the box ENABLE PARENT PROXY and enter as ip, 80 as port.
UDP does not use Http proxy, so you should not need proxy enabled

Save and go back to connect.

NOTE: use as APN and internet for username/password.

You must be on premium account to enjoy this UNLIMITED ish!

FOR UPGRADE: cost just  #1500 and payment can be made into our GTBank Acct
ACCT NO : 0114416660

Send account username and password to US on this  numbers or whatsapp once payment is made , dont forget to send to us your sender name . all info should be send to +22967464335 (whatsapp  / sms ) 


Tecno R7 Full Spec And Price

Tecno R7 Full Spec And Price


2G Network GSM 900 / 1800
3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900
4G Network No
SIM Dual mini SIM
Status Available April 2014


Dimensions 158 x 78.5 x 8.4mm
Keyboard Touchscreen
Colors White, Black, Yellow
Cover Plastic


Type Capacitive touchscreen with 16,000,000 colors
Size 5.5 inches, 720 x 1280 pixels, 267 pixels per inch (PPI)

Memory And OS

Card slot MicroSD, up to 32GB
Internal 16GB
OS Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Processors 1.5GHz hexa-core CPU, MediaTek MT6589 chipset


Alert types Vibration, MP3 ringtones
Loudspeaker Yes
Audio port 3.5mm jack


2G GPRS – up to 85.6 kbps; EDGE – up to 236.8 kbps
3G Up to 22.2 mbps downlink; Up to 5.76 mbps uplink
4G No
WIFI Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WIFI hotspot, WIFI direct, dual-band
Bluetooth Version 3.0
USB MicroUSB v2.0


Primary 13MP, up to 4128×3096-pixel pictures, Geo-tagging, auto focus, face detection camera with LED flash
Video 1080p@60fps
Secondary 5MP up to 2592×1944 pixel pictures


Capacity 2430mAh Li-Ion battery
Stand-by N/a
Talk time N/a
Music play N/a

Other Features

Sensors Accelerometer, Compass, Ambient light sensor
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM
Browser HTML5
Java No

- SNS integration
- MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player
MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player
- Document viewer
- FM radio
- Image viewer
- Voice memo/dial/command
- Predictive text input
- Google Search, Whatsapp, Google Maps, Gmail,
YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Facebook, Whatsapp
PRICE : #42000 - #46000

airtel operamini free browsing cheat

airtel operamini free browsing cheat

All java and symbian users enjoy this airtel free opera browsing cheat

UPDATED Symbian Creat new connection

name= airtel tweak
User/paswrd= internet

Java users plz creat prov wit the ip and port, Open ya operahandler go down to proxy server select
Http then input=
Save an rock,

Downloading tweak=Dowload opera with only Host or get it here

Custom http server input=

Custom socket server input=


tick remove port from url,


Save,brows and download.

airtel pc browsing with simple server

airtel pc browsing with simple server

Anoda procedure to surf the net on your pc using simple server app. If u dnt av it already google simple server and download . Den install on ur pc now ff dis procedure
For those with Simple server on Pc Try these to open secure sites and legitimate site that are accepted by the Proxy Host Countries 
LHOST = ''
PHOST = ''
KEEP = ''
PPORT = 80
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR0 = ''
VALHDR1 = ''
VALHDR2 = ''
VALHDR3 = ''
CUSHDR2 = ''
CUSHDR3 = ''
CUSHDR0 = ''
CUSHDR1 = ''
SBUFF = 1024
Copy these config settings just the way it is and replace the former in the simple server config file Or better still download the attachment below, unzip it and
replace the config file 
Set your browser proxy as
IP =
Port = 8080
XPO~ For the Proxy Host IPs it may not last so always update it, you can go to to
check for suitable IPs with Port 80 and with a high level of anonymity(High + KA)
You can also check other similar proxy-list sites through google
Enjoy while it LAST!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Africa Youths 4 Change

Vision and Mission

Mission Statement
To Deliver and empower young people and Youth by building their leadership virtues, creating mentorship, economic

and educational opportunities for them to become positive change agents in their communities.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the premier resource centre for excellent development of African change agents.


We celebrate, recognize and reward creativity to the mission and vision of African Youth Organization.
We demonstrate excellence in all our activities going the extra mile to ensure that our programmes, services and

operations are world class and of the highest standards.

A culture of responsibility for self and others

Integrity and openness



We recognize and celebrate the diversity in our society and demonstrate respect in all of our interactions with

different Representatives/stakeholders.

What We Do

Our thematic area of focus is based on our research into pertinent issues that affect the development of Africans

as global citizens. We strongly believe that women and young people are highly affected but rarely considered in

decision making processes that affects their lives hence our focus area is to develop empower them to serve as

change agents and also to influence and advocate the existing structures into creating the environment that would

make this happen.

Our six thematic areas are:


2. Cultural and Educational Development: Hands on training through internships, cultural youth exchange initiatives

and human capital development through scholarship schemes, music and arts workshop, short educational courses for

Youth. We also target building  bridges between European and African culture.

3. Entrepreneurial Empowerment: Concrete training and empowerment with the introduction of Business extension


4. Democracy and Good Governance Development:  Mainstreaming youth participation in decision making processes.

Understanding of civic rights and duties. Social support for  enhancing rights, educate youth and children to be

ambassadors of peace in their schools and communities

5. Research and development

6. Social and Human rights

Africa Youths 4 Change Organization (AY4C) is a Profit/nonprofit organization, which is committed to educating,

equipping and empowering African Youths and young people to effectively create the desired positive change within

their communities and serve as active players in the decision making processes of their communities.

Major Project

   1. Youths Entrepreneurship Training
   2. Youth Entrepreneurship Training
   3. Charity Support
   5. Democratic Youths Leadership Training
   6. FEEDER Project
   7. Youths Educational Training Courses


AY4C currently runs an office in philistine and other African Countries, which caters for Africans living  overseas

and outside of Africa. This affords us the opportunity to facilitate cultural exchange programmes and give African

youth the opportunity to be familiar with the African culture, deal with the challenges of racial discrimination,

social confidence and identity whiles ensuring that Africans living outside of Africa fully harness the available

opportunities within their communities. The African centre is situated in Abuja Nigeria with the mandate of

empowering young men and Youths with requisite skills and knowledge that would make them equal partners on the

global scene as well as play active role in the development of their communities. The Nigerian office is currently

involved in main streaming youth and women into decision making processes ensure grassroots' participation in

democratic processes, advocate for more decent job creation and a development of friendly governance structure.